The Merivale Farms team is a significant reason for the success of the enterprise. The team collectively boasts over 150 years of service to Merivale Farms.

Merivale’s approach is collaborative, to ensure a quality outcome: working closely with their customers, industry bodies and Australian Pork Limited to determine specifications and requirements.


Don Scheid

Don Scheid, Director

Born and raised on a Kidman property in Western Queensland, after leaving school Don worked on Kidman properties for 10 years. He then secured a position managing Mt Leonard for Arrabury Pastoral company – a cattle breeding and finishing operation.

Merivale Farms was formed in 1989 and since that time Don has had extensive involvement and deep experience within the Australian Pork Industry. This includes numerous trips overseas to experience best practice pork operations in America and Europe to enhance his knowledge base.

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Aaron Scheid

Aaron Scheid, Sales Director

+61 458 204 550 for Domestic and Export Sales

After completing high school, Aaron spent a gap year in Canada working on a hay farm. On returning to Australia he attended University before commencing employment with Merivale Farms.

Aaron heads up domestic and export sales and marketing of Merivale Farms.

In 2016 Aaron was selected as 1 of only 8 farmers in the Darling Downs region by Food Leaders Australia to participate in the Western Downs Export Opportunity Program.

Aaron is a Delegate of Australian Pork Ltd and in 2017 commenced a two year scholarship with the prestigious Australian Rural Leadership Program.

Aaron has recently volunteered to the Steering Committee of a newly formed Australian Pork Young Leaders (APYL) association.

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Scott Scheid

Scott Scheid, Operations Manager

+61 428 980 144 for Operational Enquiries

Scott’s first employment was with Arrabury Pastoral Company as a stock hand on properties in far North Queensland and Western Queensland. He then spent time in the mechanical and mining industries before commencing employment at the Jangharm Grow Out Unit. At the age of 21 Scott was appointed manager at Merivale’s Jangharm Grow Out Unit. In 2016 he took over the management role from his father Don at Merivale’s Allora Breeding Unit.

Scott lives on site at the Allora Breeding Unit on the Darling Downs and while working hands on with the pigs, he also manages the Feed Companies, Nutritionists, Vets, Staff, Suppliers, Cattle and Cropping.

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Jemma Scheid, Accounts Manager

+61 428 953 662 for Account Enquiries

Jemma had previously been employed within the mining industry in North Queensland before commencing employment with Merivale Farms in 2009. She fulfils the role of accounts manager at Merivale Farms and oversees all Merivale Farms’ accounting procedures.

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Holly Scheid, Office Administrator

Holly was born and raised on the Darling Downs and on completing school in 2005 commenced employment as a Court Services Officer for the Department of Justice. Following a 10 year career within this profession, Holly was employed by Merivale Farms as a Data Analyst – a vital requirement for the optimal operation of this farming enterprise.

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Alan Carmichael

Alan Carmichael, Grower Unit Manager

Alan has been with Merivale farms for almost 30 years in a senior role. He managed the Grow Out Unit for 5 years and now manages the 1050 Sow Breeding Unit. Alan is a qualified boiler maker by trade and has a Management Certificate in Animal Husbandry.


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