Merivale Farms produces a quality, premium pork product.

Raised in the moderate climate of the Darling Downs, Merivale Farms holds a closed herd for genetic integrity and subscribes to the stringent Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program.

At each stage in the lifecycle, the pigs are fed nutritionally balanced meals – a blend of pure Australian grains and oils – and an abundance of cool, fresh water for optimal development and quality. All nutritional feed is sourced from a leading Australian Feed Safe accredited company.

Award Winning

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show Silver

Merivale Farms was awarded two silver medals at the prestigious 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, demonstrating the quality, excellence and consistency of the substantial Merivale pork product.

In 2017, Merivale also achieved recognition in the Swickers National Pork Carcass Competition and National Bacon Carcass Competition (3rd place).

In 2018 Merivale Farms entered the Australian Pork Limited “Steak Your Claim Competition” and won 4th place – a massive achievement for Merivale Farms.

Recent Awards

  • 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show: Silver Medallist in two categories
  • 2017 Swickers National Pork Carcass Competition: 3rd place
  • 2017 Swickers National Bacon Carcass Competition: 3rd place
  • 2018 Australian Pork Limited Steak Your Claim Competition: 4th place

The Range

The range includes the following products:

Fresh Products Include:

  • Spit Pigs
  • Carcasses
    • Full Carcasses cut to customers’ requirements
    • Half Carcasses cut to customers’ requirements

Pork Cuts Include:

  • Pork Loin
  • Pork Belly
  • USA Ribs
  • Boston Butt
  • Shoulder Roast
  • Leg Roast
  • Pork Loin Rack

Smallgoods Products include:

  • Leg of Ham
  • Full Rasher Bacon
  • Short Cut Bacon
  • Streaky Bacon

Note: the range can be tailored to customers’ requirements.


For wholesale customers, Merivale can offer pork carcasses, sides, boxed meat or portion-size cuts.

Merivale Farms produces a minimum of 30 tonnes of pork carcasses every week of the year.

Product Specifications

Merivale Farms produces a light carcass averaging 75kg dressed weight, however Merivale’s versatility allows for the possibility to produce a product range from 15kg spit pigs all the way to 95kg dressed pigs.

Traceability and Supply Chain

Merivale Farms is PigPass accredited. This system tracks the movement of pigs to reassure consumers of safety, integrity and traceability of pork products, ensuring food safety.


Biosecurity prevents the entry of unwanted species and diseases. Merivale Farms sites are well protected and entry is governed by strict Australian Biosecurity guidelines.

Food Safety

Merivale Farms is APIQ® (Australian Pork Industry Quality Program) accredited. Full details of this accreditation can be found here.

This is an on-farm quality assurance system where farm risks are managed by Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), using principles of Hazard Analysis and managing Critical Control Points (HACCP). In addition, Merivale Farms is Gestation Stall Free (GSF) certified. This means the sows are housed in loose groups through their gestation period and have freedom of movement.

As an Australian PorkMark Licensee, this identifies Merivale Farms as a producer of home-grown, fresh Australian Pork.

Leading-edge Technology

Merivale Farms use the latest technology to produce their award-winning pork. All accommodation for the pigs has temperature sensors to operate screens, fans, heat and cool pads. This ensures the pigs are at an optimum temperature constantly. The feeders are operated by automatic feedlines to ensure the pigs have access to nutrition all day, every day.

Merivale Farms use industry leading Artificial Insemination (AI) techniques and Australian products reported to reduce stress to sows by up to 50%.

Merivale Transport

To ensure the animals are transported with the utmost of care for their welfare, Merivale Farms have their own trucks to transport the pigs between sites and to the export accredited abattoirs.

Animal Welfare

Merivale Farms places the highest priority on the welfare of their animals at all times. They abide by the Australian Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Pigs and the Transport of Livestock

Sydney Royal Fine Food Show 2017 Sydney Royal Fine Food ShowSilver Medallist